What happens when you try to write a song, concept a band name, design a logo, record a demo, screen print merch, and put together a live show in 24 hours? Inspired by the Richmond DIY punk scene that we grew up in, we were about to find out.


Getting the word out

We created a Facebook page we constantly updated to keep fans up to date on our progress.

Yes. we had fans.


The time finally came to announce our show. We did so with a physical flier as well as sharing on social media.


Using a branded hashtag #24hourSongProject we were able to share up to date status of the band, and also gave our fans a way to take part in the conversation.



What kind of DIY band would we be if we didn't make our own merch? Designed by Tyler and screen printed by us and our friend Jamie just hours before the show, we created t-shirts, stickers and patches. Because in Richmond, VA, you don't exist as a band if you don't have patches.


Content Series

We documented the 24 hour process to share with our fans, including a live take of the song we created "Lo-Fi High Fives".

First part of night one. Trying to write a song, and concept a band name.

Second part of night one. Wrapping up song writing, and finalizing band name.

Running around town the morning of the show, trying to get design done and supplies for merch.

Adventures in screen printing.

Pre-show rush.

Live performance of "Lo-Fi High Fives"

Late night acoustic demo:

After the song was written, we recorded a quick demo in the wee hours of the morning.


Creative Partner: Tyler Wriston