Killer Boobies

Over winter break our second year at Brandcenter, we received a heart-breaking e-mail from our classmate Michelle stating that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few of us rallied together to raise $5,000 for VCU Massey Cancer Center to say goodbye to cancer. In addition to that, our team vowed to make five videos to help Michelle smile. We blew through our goal in 3 days and adjusted our goal to $15,000. 

We got shout outs in AgencySpy, The New York Egoist, and Buzzfeed.

Take a look at the results...


Fundraising VIdeos:

This was the first video we created with the goal of raising $5000 to donate to the VCU Massey Cancer Center. Thanks to some press in industry publications, and some awesome people, we hit our goal in under 3 days.


With our first goal absolutely crushed, we decided to be a bit more ambitious in our second video.

Content For Michelle

Since we hit our goal, it was our turn to uphold our part of the deal. Create some fun content for Michelle and our donors. 


Christina Chern-Training Captain/Creative Team
Kiera Rooker-Creative Team
Faye Ibars-Creative Team
Erika Leiva-Creative Team
Kara Noble-Creative Team
Corey de Groot-Creative Team
Abbey Birsch-PR
Katy Nash-PR