Hi. My name is Don Principe and I'm a human, not a horse. Typically, most people wouldn't need to address this,
but a dressage/stud horse stole my domain name. 
This is that horse.

He's so smug.
And while I may not be "a remarkable FEI competitor who's already proven his ability to sire top-class offspring", I have other things to offer.

I attended the VCU Brandcenter.
I yell things into a microphone for Women's Flat Track Roller Derby.
I was raised in a deli on Long Island. I've known how to use a deli slicer since I was nine.
I spend too much money on records.
I've costarred in a play with Sally Struthers. 
I was almost a professional hockey goalie, but the team decided to fold instead of sign me.
I worked as a professional actor and recently came out of retirement to work on Chicago Fire... as an extra.
I'm an improvisor trained at iO Chicago, and previously a cast member of the Richmond Comedy Coalition.

Iā€™m currently writing sketches through the program at The Second City.
If you want to read more about what I've done, you can download my resume